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Protect Your Investment


(Even if you did not buy here, there is still a program available!!!)


At the time of purchase, every guest is offered the opportunity to purchase Additional Protection services and contracts if their RV qualifies. Many of these service contracts and plans are available even if you purchased your RV from a private party rather than Carolina Coach.

Service Contract: If your RV is less than 11 years old and has less than 80K miles (Motor home) you may still qualify for a Service Contract! If your unit still has factory warranty you may even qualify for “new unit coverage”. Coverage can be extended to all of the major mechanical components providing you worry free assurance that no matter where you are throughout the United States and Canada you can have covered items repaired and pay only the $50 or $100 deductible.
If you purchased your RV or Motorhome from a private party you may still qualify for a Service Contract! Call Barry at 1-800-305-9045 Today!
Coach-Net: How about a factory trained technician available to you 24/7??? When the inevitable mechanical failure occurs there is someone to talk to night or day. If they can’t talk you through the problem, they can help you find the nearest service center and help you get an appointment. (The perfect companion to the Service Contract) This coverage has now been expanded to cover you in your personal vehicles as well!! A year of this program is included free with your Service Contract or can be purchased separately.
Tire Guard: Manufacturer’s warranty covers defects in workmanship. They could care less about the 4X4 or piece of angle iron you just ran over. Tire Guard not only cares, but will repair/replace tires and wheels damaged by road hazards and include mounting and balancing. Not only that, they cover any other vehicle while it is attached to the RV!
TYRON: The ultimate “Blowout” protection. When a tire blows out TYRON keeps the tire on the rim in a flat, but controllable profile. (also known as “runflat”). This allows you to bring your RV to safe controlled stop. Once you have “gathered your wits” you can drive 15 to 25 miles on the tire to a safe location… TYRON has a lifetime warranty. This Product is time Proven on commercial buses and 18 wheelers. Saves Lives!
Perma-Plate: For RV’s less than 3 years old we offer the ultimate in paint and fabric protection. Paintguard®, Fibreguard® and Leatherguard® will maintain a brilliant shine on the exterior, a spotless interior and provide added protection for leather & vinyl.
We offer a wide variety of options for years of coverage, components covered and deductibles. Units that are still under factory warranty may qualify for “New Unit” coverage.
Please call Barry Blatz at 1-800-305-9045
for a free quote.


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